Digital Marketing Starter Subscription


πŸ“Œ Services:

1. Social Media Management:

βœ“ Content Creation: Engaging posts to represent your brand.
βœ“ Page Branding: Ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.
βœ“ Graphics Design: Crafting visuals for your posts.
βœ“ Followers Growth: Techniques and strategies to expand your audience base.

2. Ads Management (Meta or Google):

βœ“ Ad Creation: Designing the contents for Ad Campaigns.
βœ“ Detail Targeting: Pinpointing the right audience to show your ads.
βœ“ Monthly Ad Report: Insights on the reach, engagement, and ROI of your ads.
(Note: Additional budget required for expensive campaigns).

3. Google Business Profile Services:

βœ“ Profile Creation & Optimization: Setting up your business on Google for local visibility.


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