Digital Marketing Growth Subscription Monthly


❤️ Social Media Management (Facebook & Instagram):

– Get your dedicated Social Media Team: Digital Marketer, Project Admin, Graphics Designer, Video Editor & Ad Copy Writer.

– Content Creation: Designing Top Notch Social Media Posts to Represent Your Brand.

– Page Branding: Ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.

– Followers growth: Techniques and strategies to expand your audience base.

– Expected Social Media Posts: 12 Creatives and 8 Reels Monthly (Approx.)

❤️ Ads Management (Meta & Google):

– Engaging Ad designs.
– Ad Copywriting.
– Advanced Audience Targeting.
– Monitoring and optimizing the Ad Campaigns.
– Monthly Ad campaign reports.

❤️ Google Business Profile:

– Google My Business (GMB) Listing & Advanced Optimization.

❤️ Extra Bonuses:

– Creating a Sales Funnel.
– Developing an effective strategy for lead conversion.
– Expert Consultation & Community Support.

Note: It does not cover any additional costs related to running paid leads ads. The specifics of the ad cost for paid campaigns will be discussed by our Digital Marketing Manager when outlining the entire strategy.

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